Donate Your Car

Equipping teens with relevant job skills

Equipping at-risk teenagers with relevant job-skills instills self-confidence and the means to provide for themselves and their future families. City Life Wheels teaches neighborhood teens basic automotive maintenance and repair skills from an ASE Certified Mechanic. City Life Wheels is a hands-on program where the students do the actual maintenance and repair work on cars donated to the program. Repaired cars are then sold to provide funding for the program.

Donate Your Car Here or Call 317.449.9227

City LIfe Wheels can turn your worn-out vehicle into a valuable career training opportunity for a teenager.

Why Donate?

  • Provide career training for Central Indiana youth
  • City Life Wheels is the only vehicle donation program in Central Indiana used as a vocational training program
  • Donations are tax deductible when the vehicle is sold.
  • To learn more about donating your vehicle, call 317.449.9227

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my car worth donating? 

Sometimes cars seem beyond any reasonable value and owners wonder if we would want them.  In reality, even  significantly  wrecked, broken, or aged cars have scrap value that make them worth donating.

2. What will my deduction be worth?

Cars which are worth $499 and under:
May be deducted for the amount of your declared value up to $499.

Cars worth $500 and over:
Cars we resell "as is" - actual resale amount.  We will send you a receipt letter when the car sells which will let you know the amount of the sale for deduction.

Cars we repair before resale:
If significant improvements are made, once a determination has been made to do so, you will recieve a tax receipt letter informing you of the selling price and explaining how you can claim an income tax deduction for your charitable donation. *

*Note that for cars in this category:  No car donation program should misrepresent themselves as setting a "definitive value" for you that cannot be challenged by the IRS. While we can help you identify a reasonable estimate the final value reported is up to you to decide.

3. What if I can't find my title?

You can get a duplicate title for the vehicle at the title office.

4. How do I get my car to you?

For your convenience, we can come to you and pick it up.  Call us at 317.449.9227 to set up a pick up time or we can call you when you contact us through the form above.
In some cases, donors prefer to drop a car off than have someone come to their home.  In that case we will arrange to receive your donation from you at our CIYFC Offices at 1641 E Michigan St Indianapolis, IN.

5. How is City Life Wheels program different from other car donation programs?

City Life Wheels actually uses donated cars as a "learning lab" for students to learn job skills.  Cars are repaired by students or used as “practice” to understand systems of automotive operation.   All are sold (retail or auction) which provides funding for the services provided to youth and a tax write-off for the donor.

6. Will every car be repaired by the kids?

No, some cars are not economically worth fixing and /or unsafe to resell.  In those instances the vehicles are used for parts and then recycled for scrap.  This is still a valuable contribution to us and maximizes each contribution for the overall program.