What is a CST?

Advocates for Youth for Christ in the Community

Connect and introduce the Youth for Christ team to other people, agencies and churches who are also passionate about the cause of teenagers in your community. 

Care for the Youth for Christ Staff Team

Pray for, encourage and tangibly come alongside the YFC team (volunteers and staff) in your community. 

Ensure Financial Health & Sustainability 

Personally suppor the ministry of Youth for Christ in your community, assist in local fundraising events and invite others to financially engage in the ministry. 


Where do you fit?

A Community Support Team is crucial to the future and longevity of ministry. These team member's are the ministries greatest allies and advocates in the community When a CST is strong, staff are encouraged, volunteers are mobilized, ministry is unleashed and new ministry sites begin. 

Fostering Missional Community

Our desire is to develop a team of people that will support and grow the mission of Youth for Christ in the community while deeply caring for each other in the process. 

CST's will hold around 6 meetings in a year (every other month) and those meetings will consist of ministry stories, community building, prayer and current business items.

Unified Focus

Central Indiana YFC is committed to getting...One thousand leaders in authentic, Christ sharing relationships with 5,000. 


"One of the most effective and pressing mission fields is the youth of our community. As a body has many parts, we as the Community Support Team can fulfill our role by encouraging, and supporting with time, talent and treasure those that are called and blessed to work with these youth. "             --Community Support Team Member